• Bee Atomic Owner

Located In Tampa Florida

Atom's career started in the computer department of Best Buy in 1997, which later led to an opportunity a Compaq Computers. After several years working as an Account Manager, he decided to study computer science. As he gained a solid foundation in programming, he found himself gravitating more towards design.

After obtaining a Certificate of Applied Computer Science from Purdue University in 2005, Atom used his savings to place an ad in the yellow pages, jumping head first into helping real clients. In the years that followed, he enjoyed success in both Web Development, and Graphic Design, later discovering his passion for Email Marketing, because it allowed him to combine those skill sets.

Atom joined V12 Data as their Email Marketing Manager in 2011, where he continues to develop his marketing skills, and stay current on industry standards. Atom has worked with agencies including Ansira, Harte Hanks, MARC USA, and Fathom Communications. He has designed, developed, and consulted, on projects for brands including Navistar, IC Bus, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes, Maserati, TGI Friday's, Life Fitness, and a division of 1-800-Flowers.

Atom created Bee Atomic in 2015, later adding SMS Marketing, and App Development, to the portfolio of restaurant marketing solutions. These full-service marketing solutions were created, and priced, with independent restaurants in mind. Since several of these marketing solutions pair well together, Atom structured Bee Atomic to be a one stop shop for busy restaurant owners.


Bee Atomic is owned and operated by Atom Wigley.